My Sonets

The fundimentals:

There are three types of sonnets: Petrarchan or Italian , Shakespearen or English, and Spenserian. Sonets are poems that have forteen lines and are written in iambic pintameter. The first twelve lines usually present a 'problem' and the last two usually present the 'solution'.

Stanza- one of the divisions of a poem, consisting of two or more lines.
Syllables- a unit of spoken language consisting of a single uninterpted sound formed by a vowel.
Rhyme- repition of identical or similar sounds in unaccented syllables of words.
Foot- a unit of poetic meter.
Meter-the rhythmic pattern of a stanza usually consisting of two feet.
Pintameter- line consisting of five metrical feet.
Quatranes- a stanza or poem of four lines.
Sestet- a poem or stanza containing six lines.
Cuplet- a pair of consecutive rhyming lines, usually having the same meter.
Rhyme Sheme- the rhyme ocuring at the end of lines is given a letter and each line after that is given a new letter if it does not rhyme with the previous.

1)The Petrarchan or Italian Sonet:
Consist of two quatranes and a sestet.
Rhym sceme is ABBA ABBA CDCDCD

1)The Shakespearean or English Sonet:
Consist of three quatranes and a cuplet.
Rhym sceme is ABAB CDCD EFEF GG

1)The Spensarian Sonet:
Consist of three quatranes and a cuplet.
Rhym sceme is ABAB BCBC CDCD EE

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