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What I Write


I have a class called Creative Writing. One day one of the girls in there said "We write to much in this class!" It was realy... ironic.

The fallowing piece is an essay I wrote in creative writing.

It was the first time I had written on the subject. It was my saddist piece but my class said it was the best thing I wrote all year. 

In addition, I would never hear him bitch about my dog Maggie being the only dog that hates him.

Now every time I see my grand mother I cry.

For two reasons, one because I am happy to see her and two because I miss him.

Three grand children never showed any emotinon other than playfullness were swept off their feet. I was one of them.

The following piece was recently written. It is based on a true event.

My class relly liked it. I could have done better but I did not have much time. I wrote it in two days. 


Poetry With a Story