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Here is a collection of my own work. I keep a portfolio at home and this is just a small collection of my work.

The poem Freedom has been published in three different books. It's also on the internet and on audio cassette tape. I am very proud of its success.

A hidden Door was written not to long ago in my writing class.


Where is freedom?
Where are you hiding?
I am getting old.
Every year that I get older
It gets harder to find you.
When I was young
You and I were always together.

Now, I feel like a prisoner
Of strict rules and regulations.
I feel like I am in a cage,
Put there by the elders.
A cage that only says, No!
You never said No to me.

Do they care? I have trouble telling?
Why did they separate us?
Will they ever let you come back to me?

I feel I have no life . . .
No life without you.
Where are you freedom?

 A Hidden Door

The whistling wind through the trees sounded like a cry.
Golden leaves slowly floated to the icy floor.
The frozen ground cracked and bore a hidden door.
From that door came seven little men who were shy.



Poetry With a Story


Cteative Writing


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