Poetry with a Story


I wrote Sorry after I built up years of anger. Take it as you like, I mean to offend no one.



You say you are sorry!
But I know you do not mean it.
You're only saying that,
to make yourself feel better.
Even when the empathetic say it,
They really do not mean it!
You're not empathetic or sympathetic!
Yet you say you're sorry.
Do not say you are sorry!
It means nothing to me.
Long ago, the phrase changed
It became gibberish to me.
It is meaningless, without definition,
Or feeling behind it.
I know you are not really sorry.
So just do not say it!!

 In September of 2000 my bathroom sink would not drain. My sister and I did not know why. We had to use a cup an d scoop out the water because it would always over flow. So then I turned the water off to the sink yet the water still overflowed.

Since turning off the water di not work I went into my sisters room so I could get into the little storage department. The little cubby hole also harbors the bathrooms pipe. So I got into there and opened up the pipe so I could sent a snake down there to unclog it. I was glad  I had a bowl under the pipe because a ll this water just pored out. The bowl was just barely big enough. Then I had to carry the full Bowl of water into the bathroom and dump it into the tub.

Then I got underneath the sink and took out the stopper so I could down the sink to see if there was any thing stuck there too. There really wasn't but the thing was like a star. It had four edges that sticked out but it was also indented in the middle. If you play darts it looks like the things on the end of them. Well any ways that was completely filled in. It was disgusting.

After I cleaned out the sinks stopper and Snaked the back pipes I Closed the pipe. Then I pored Dran-O down the sink and let it sit for fifteen minutes like the directions said. Then I ran the warm water to flush the cleaning fluid.

All of a sudden my sister began to scream at me from down stairs. My mom began to scream up stairs asking me what was wrong. I told her I didn't know so ran to see what was wrong with my sister. Then the both of them began to scream at me to turn the water off. I asked them why and they told me that it was coming out of the fan in the kitchen.

I kind of forgot to shut the valve in the bathroom. the water ran down the pipes and out into the kitchen below. Oops!!

Well, my mom put duck tape over the the light switch so we wouldn't turn it on. We left it off for a week. After the week finished my mom was brave and turned the light on. It worked but if the fan made a funny noise.

a few days later in my Creative writing class we had to write a poem. It had to be two stanzas in iambic pentameter.  It is one of my best.

The Plumber
A plumbers worst nightmare is something like....
Flooding the down stairs from the second floor.
Or when all the tools start tumbling down
Maybe it is just showing there butt crack!
Have you ever thought about how some clogs start?
Plumber ever find weird foreign objects?
Big, gross, slimy, dripping, tangled hair balls?
Or maybe a pen? Toothbrush? Sponge? Screw driver?