Here is a collection of my own work. I keep a portfolio at home and this is just a small collection of my work.

Freedom is my winning poem. It has been published in three different books. It's also on the internet and on audio cassette tape. I am very proud of its success.


Where is freedom?
Where are you hiding?
I am getting older
Every year that I get older
It gets harder to find you.
When I was young
You and I were always together.

Now, I feel like a prisoner
Of strict rules and regulations.
I feel like I am in a cage,
Put there by the elders.
A cage that only says, No!
You never said No to me.

Do they care? I have trouble telling?
Why did they separate us?
Will they ever let you come back to me?

I feel I have no life . . .
No life without you.
Where are you freedom?

 A Hidden Door

The whistling wind through the trees sounded like a cry.
Golden leaves slowly floated to the icy floor.
The frozen ground cracked and bore a hidden door.
From that door came seven little men who were shy.

*If it sounds like there should be another stanza to it, you are correct. It has another stanza but I am in ther process of rewriting it. I am rewriting it because one it isnt as good nor does it really fit the first stanza.*

I miss whom I knew.
They’re just memories now.
You can’t miss someone you don’t know anymore.

My old friends are memories.
Gone in a second like the wind,
To return… someday,
Only different, in an untouchable way.
Never the person they once were when they left.
Nor am I.
My mind, body, and soul all shifted,
As time and the seasons churned.
I’m sure they did the same.

The good news….
I will always have my memories.
The good, bad, and unforgettable.
The weeps, laughs and many exchanged secrete.
Some of life’s greatest gifts were the friends I had and have.

They can move away,
I will still have my memories.
We can drift apart, like stranded survivors in the middle of the ocean
I will still have my memories.
Some unfortunate day the will die,
But I will always have a piece of them.
Not even alzheimers could strip me of my memories.
I will never forget any of my old friends.
I know I will always miss whom I once knew.

I miss whom I knew.
They’re just memories now.
You can’t miss someone you don’t know anymore

For those who desire only money;
Better seek softer ways.
Some years are rich,
Other years are poor.

For those desire only power;
also better seek softer ways.
Power can be abused,
Blowing up your life and others.

For those who desire only love;
Have sought the softest way.
It will change you within.

But beware of all desires;
Even the softest desires.
Desires can make you soft,
Or they can make you hard.

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