It's What I Do!
It's What I do!

This Web Site was a very BIG project for one of my classes. This site is dedicated to my work. All the links that follow go to my work and one page is a collection of my favorite quotes. The last link is the bibliography. I am constantly working on it and adding new pages.

Updates 11-26-03 It has been along time since I have worked on my web site. I have gone to college ( Go TxSt Bobcats!!!) and lost time work here. I still hope that I will add content to the blank page but until then i will just remove them from public eye. I also took a minor in English on creative writing so hopefully I will have more stories to add. Thanks, May Wolf.
7/13/2003 It has been along time since I have worked on my web site. I have not worked on the pages I added.
7/01/2003 I added an e-bay page for photographs and descritions of items I am trying to sell. The address on my selling page on E-bay. But ifyou would like to see what I am selling :



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Qustions or Commets? If you have any suggestions of find a mistake please let me know. Most the mistakes will be spelling because I am really bad at it or the links don't work.