Let's Play


I had a class called Creative Writing. One day one of the girls in there said "We write too much in this class!" It was realy... ironic.

The following piece is based on a true event.

My class realy liked it. I could have done better but I did not have much time. I wrote it in two days. 

12, Oct. 2000


May: A young tomboy and body guard

Travis: A young boy who annoys May

Aaron: A young shy and awkward boy

Leon: A young boy who picks on Aaron

Ben: A team captain

Greg: Another team captain

Tony: Leonís brother


Act I

Narrator: Hundreds of fourth graders ran crazy, scattering to cover the entire playground. Most of the boys ran to the field behind the swings and most the girls ran to the swings to watch the boys pick their teams. May sat on a swing waiting to be picked.

Ben: I choose John N.

Greg: I choose.......Casey P.

Ben: I choose May.

Greg: (Yelling at Ben) What! You canít! I wanted her! It wasnít your turn any ways! You have to wait your turn!

Ben: was too my turn. You chose Casey.

Greg: Well, I didnít want Casey. I was about to replace him with May. (He turned around to face May) May youíre on my team!

Narrator: Ben took Greg by the shoulder and turned him around so they were face to face.

Ben: (Yelling at Greg)You know it was my turn. I picked her fair and square! Pick someone else! (He turned towards May) You know youíre on my team. Now come back over here.

May: Well Greg, he did pick me first and yes, it was his turn to choose. You will just have to pick someone else.

Greg: (Yelling at both Ben and May) The two of you bite! It was my turn! She is on myyyy team! I donít have to put up with this! I quit! I donít want to play with you losers anymore! (Looking around trying to find someone he began to scream at the top of his lungs.) Travis! Trav - is! Where are you Travis! Travis you no good....

Narrator: With a haughty attitude Travis interrupts just before Greg completes his sentence

Travis: If I were you......I would not want to finish that statement. Now would I?

Greg: (voice quivering) No. No, No I wouldnít.

Travis: Now whatís with all the yelling? What you want with me?

Narrator: Greg replies in snobbish way, combined with a tattle tale kind of attitude.

Greg: Ben and May are cheating and..

Narrator: Travis interrupts, mocking Greg.

Travis: ďBen and May are cheating and .... andĒ And What you want me to do about? Tell the teacher!? Ha. Ha. Ha.

Narrator: Greg looked down at his feet avoiding eye contact with Travis. He then took three steps back. And when he began to talk he stumbled.

Greg: Well, Well if you are going to be that way then...

Travis: Then, Then what?

Greg: Nothing.

Narrator: In a small and quick burst of confidence blurted out, ďIíll just have to pick someone else to pick my team.Ē Then he ran off screaming, ďHeís going to kill me!Ē May Began to chuckle. Travis then turned around to look at her and gave her a dirty look.

Travis: What ere you laughing at?

May: Your ugly, big, fat, dirty face!

Travis: Did you want to get pounded into the ground or something.?

May: Yes, I think I should enjoy pounding you back into the deep dark hole you climbed out of!

Travis: Iím not going to bother with you! Besides if I hit you my fist would get stuck in all your blubber!

May: What did you say to me you ugly skunk?

Narrator: Ben sarcastically interrupts

Ben: I donít mean to intrude in your love fest, but can we just play the game?

Narrator: Ben then ran off scared the two of them would go after him. (They almost did)

Travis: I donít love her!

May: I donít love him!

Travis and May: You best watch what you say to me!!

Travis: Whose team is May on?

May: I am on Benís team.. Whatís it to you skunk boy?

Travis: Good! I wouldnít want to be an the same team as that fat *itch!

Narrator: May Raised her fist about to knock Travis out when across the play ground she heard Aaron begging and pleading for his life. She then turned around and began to look around to locate were Aaron was.

Travis: Hey, sounds like you need to go save your boyfriend! May: Bite me skunk boy!

Narrator: May located Aaron and began to run to help him. About half way there she turned around and shouted, ďIím not finished with you skunky!Ē

Act II

Narrator: May just barely made it to him in time. Just as Leon was about to hit Aaron she stepped in. Leon was not paying attention and swung. Leon hit May instead of Aaron. Frightened by his mistake he slowly stepped back.

Leon: Now May, Donít get mad. You had no rite stepping in. You werenít suppose to get the beat down. You canít hold me responsible.

May: You OK Aaron?

Aaron: Yea Iím fine. Thanks.

Narrator: Leon ran as far as the soccer field and stopped. He began to yell at May and Aaron. He had a little attitude in his voice trying to look cool to on lookers.

Leon: Hay Aaron, your body guard ainít going to be able to save you next time. Yea I whooped May good!

Narrator: The other guys just looked at Leon like he was crazy. They told him that if any one got whooped it was him.

May: Leon, what are you doing over there? Scared of me? Come say it to my face!

Leon: Iím not scared of you! I could beat you blind folded and with both hands tied behind my back!

Narrator: A few of the boys were tiered of him always boasting and they were watching his every move so they pulled his shirt over his head so he couldnít see. Then they took his belt off and tied his hands behind his back. They told him, ďWe would be happy to take you up on that bet.Ē Many of the school kids gathered around him and started to take bets. One boy began to shout, ď50 cents on May. ďItís going to be a quick fight but even if he could use his fist and could see. He would loose one way or another!Ē

Leon: Tony? What are you saying? Iím Telling mom when we get home. You are going to get into allot of trouble!

Tony: So what! Iím going to tell mom you hit a girl! Leon: What girl? I never hit any girl!

Tony: May. What do you think May is? Iím telling dad you hit a girl any ways. Ha. Ha.

May: What?

Tony: Nothing.

Narrator: The eminence crowd began to whisper, ďSheís coming. Sheís coming.Ē Just as May reached Leon the bell rang and everyone began to run in. Travis cuts in, ďHey every one, Leon Peed his pants and is crying like a girl.Ē

Tony: You are such a wimp. Canít stand up to a GIRL. What kind of man are you?

May: Skunk boy! Hey skunk boy what do you know about being a man?

Narrator: She raised her fist to him to see what he would do.

May: Ha. you flinched. Your a wimp too! Iím not finished with you any ways. You just wait until tomorrow. Donít you even dare think about calling in sick!

Narrator: Aaron and May slowly strolled back to class talking.

Aaron: You know Iím a big boy. I can take the beat down. Thanks any way. Truthfully though, Iím glad it wasnít me.

Narrator: May playfully pushed Aaron lightly.

May: I know you were. Besides that little slap would have knocked you out cold!

Aaron: NO it wouldnít have! I can take it just fine!

May: My God Aaron, you donít have to be so defensive!

Aaron: Well, you attacked me!

May: No I didnít. But If you want me to I can!


Narrator: Aaron ran off into the school screaming . May chased after him screaming, ďI was just kidding around. You know I would never hurt you. Aaron! Aaron are you going to tell on me? Hey were are you?Ē