My Sonets
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The fundimentals:

There are three types of sonnets: Petrarchan or Italian , Shakespearen or English, and Spenserian. Sonets are poems that have forteen lines and are written in iambic pintameter. The first twelve lines usually present a 'problem' and the last two usually present the 'solution'.

Stanza- one of the divisions of a poem, consisting of two or more lines.
Syllables- a unit of spoken language consisting of a single uninterpted sound formed by a vowel.
Rhyme- repition of identical or similar sounds in unaccented syllables of words.
Foot- a unit of poetic meter.
Meter-the rhythmic pattern of a stanza usually consisting of two feet.
Pintameter- line consisting of five metrical feet.
Quatranes- a poem or stanza of four lines.
Sestet- a poem or stanza containing six lines.
Octave- a poem or stanza containing eight lines.
Cuplet- a pair of consecutive rhyming lines, usually having the same meter.
Rhyme Sheme- the rhyme ocuring at the end of lines is given a letter and each line after that is given a new letter if it does not rhyme with the previous.

1)The Petrarchan or Italian Sonnet:
Consist of an octave and a sestet. The octave can be broken up into two quatranes but the rhym scheme is the same.

2)The Shakespearean or English Sonnet:
Consist of three quatranes and a cuplet.
Rhym sceme is ABAB CDCD EFEF GG

3)The Spensarian Sonnet:
Consist of three quatranes and a cuplet.
Rhym sceme is ABAB BCBC CDCD EE


The following sonnet,The Flood, is an example of a Spensarian Sonnet.
The Flood
The early morning sky was midnight blue
And dark, black clouds crowded the sky
Rain was sure to fall soon more refreshing than dew
Clouds floated by the city Lorelei

Soon it rained and many let out a sigh
Of Relief but when the rain did not stop...
Many thought if they stayed they would die
Many others climbed to the roof top

Rain filled the streets up to the tree tops
After a week it suddanly halted
Black clouds left and sun shined over too
A deep sigh of relief became widespread

After the water washed a away they
Built a new city far from the bay.

The following sonnet,Loves Apology, is an example of a Shakeaspearan Sonnet.
Loves Apology
How in the world can I apologize
For all of my actions that caused you pain?
Knowing I hurt you makes me agonize.
All the grief I caused you was inhumane.

Through thick and thin I have always loved you,
From past to present and in the future.
And I know I was not completely true,
But devoid of you I can not endure.

How can I prove what you still mean to me?
You are my entire world and even more.
It would be hard for me to set you free,
But if you wish to leave walk out the door.

Please, I beseech you give me one more chance,
If you pardon me, revisit our romance.